Auto Dealer Bonds

Individuals looking to get their motor vehicle dealer license typically have to provide a surety bond to guarantee their dealership will comply with industry regulations. This type of license and permit bond is known by a number of different names: automobile bond, car dealer bond, dealer bond, DMV bond, motor vehicle dealer bond, used car dealer bond, etc. No matter the exact name, this bond type is used to protect consumers from fraud and other wrongful actions committed by dealerships and their employees.

Depending on where you work and what kind of dealership you plan to operate, you might need to file one of many different auto dealer bonds. Some common ones include:
  • Wholesale car dealer bonds
  • Used car dealer bonds
  • RV bonds
  • Motorcycle dealer bonds
  • DMV bonds
All these bonds work in the same way regardless of their name. If a bonded vehicle dealer violates the bond's terms, the wronged party can file a claim against the bond to receive compensation.

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